Express First Aid also sell a selection of life saving Defibrillators – essential for your workplace or First Aid Safety Station.

HeartSine Samaritan PAD 500P with Industry Exclusive CPR Advisor

Real-time visual and verbal feedback to the rescuer on the force and rate of CPR compressions during an SCA resuscitation: Voice prompts guide to the user to “Push Harder”, “Push Faster”, “Push Slower” or maintain “Good compressions” based on actual impedance changes.

HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P Semi-Automatic AED with CPR Coaching

Compact, lightweight and easy to use so it’s readily used by anyone from minimally-trained rescuers to professional responders.

HeartSine Samaritan PAD 360P. Fully Automatic Defibrillator with CPR Coaching

Fully automatic and easy to use – from trained first-aiders to professional responders — anyone, anywhere, anytime can save a life using the samaritan PAD 360P.

The following link will provide access to our AED videos on Wistia: https://aerohealthcare-aed.wistia.com/projects/1hpwdz6aet

Not sure what would be suitable for your workplace?  Talk to Sue and the Express First Aid team for more detailed information and assistance.